A Retrospective of 2013

What did I do the past year? At the same time, a lot and little. Here’s ten of my favorite things things I did in 2013.

  1. Wrote this beautifully dark dystopian romance called The Ghost Symphony, which might have been my favorite thing I’ve ever written
  2. Was in a production of Shakespeare’s Comedy of Errors, turned wonderfully Wes Anderson-esque
  3. Jumped into the Minnesota Fringe Festival for the first time and saw something like fifteen inspiring shows
  4. Finally finished writing The Ice Storm—a farcical stageplay I’ve been writing for just shy of a year
  5. Started directing Check Please, my first stage directing endeavor
  6. Just generally wrote a lot. Across the Threshold. Sepulveda Boulevard. Double Vision. Black Mirror. The Daymare Tempest. Threnody. Nightfall Dawning.
  7. Started a spec script for 30 Rock, which I left unfinished. But anything that’s titled “Brian Williams is Not a Crook!” might be worth considering finishing.
  8. Traveled to South Carolina to discuss indie film with a screenwriter
  9. Saw Phantogram at First Avenue, which pretty much made my life
  10. Started Hide the Sun, this huge effort of short films with overlapping themes and progressing darkness, which I hope to be finishing within the first half of next year

I didn’t get to everything on my 2013 Projects list, which I’m okay with. I never wrote that feature-length film noir. I never fleshed out The Red Shoes into a full-length stageplay. It was a year of finishing things. It was a year of being inspired. And now we go forth into 2014, and we make wonderful things.